Fortnite patch notes: What will be in Fortnite when the servers go back online?


FORTNITE’s first big update for Chapter 3 Season 4 is coming as soon as servers go back online.

The servers have been down for over 12 hours at the time of writing with no idea when they will be back online.

Holo-Chests are coming to Fortnite.

However, patch notes have now been released, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Here are the biggest changes coming to Fortnite:

Cobra DMR is coming to the game

DMRs were added last season and are a great rapid-fire sniper rifle.

A new variant is being added to Fortnite called the Cobra DMR that appears to have an even faster fire rate and a long range.

It will be a brilliant weapon for use in long-range firefight.

Unlocking Holo-Chests

Keys were added at the start of the season that can unlock vaults to collect some new loot.

The patch introduces Holo-Chests which will spawn around the map, and can be unlocked with these keys.

Exotic variants will also spawn that will require two keys to unlock.

Holo-Chests will show you what’s inside them before you unlock them, so you won’t be wasting precious keys.

Return of the Grapple Glove

Last season’s best new item, the Grapple Glove, is coming back in the latest patch.

It will allow you to swing through the map with ease.

The Grapple Glove will be rare loot that can spawn anywhere items can spawn. 

Super Level Styles for hardcore players

Dedicated Fortnite players usually breeze through the battle pass with ease.

Those who finish all the levels before the season’s end in December can now complete Super Level Styles.

They will take you beyond level 100 of the pass, and offer new styles for Battle Pass exclusive skins.

Improvements to the squad ping wheel

The ping wheel will receive major improvements allowing you to give more detailed instructions to your teammates and hired NPCs.

Commands such as “Watch this spot” and “Defend here” have been added to give more tactical options.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.