GAME PS5 customers warned of scam email following console restock


GAMERS desperate to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 have been alerted to a new scam email doing the rounds.

The fraudulent message purporting to be from staff at UK retailer GAME asks recipients for their bank details.

The PS5 has been in short supply since it launched in November 2020

Customers ordering PS5 consoles have been urged to act vigilant amid a concerning rise in e-mail scams.

PS5 trackers have been set up on social media to alert gamers to restocks of the sold out console. Some also highlight prominent scams.

One tracker wrote on Twitter this week: “WARNING. We have reports of people receiving fake GAME emails asking for bank details. DO NOT RESPOND OR GIVE ANY DETAILS TO THEM! It’s a scam!

“The email is [email protected] The correct email for GAME is [email protected].”

The fraudulent message purporting to be from staff at UK retailer GAME asks recipients for their bank details

The PS5 launched in November 2020 and stock has been in short supply ever since due to a global shortage of the chips used to power the console.

Restocks at various retailers drop most weeks but typically sell out within minutes as demand vastly outstrips supply.

Scammers frequently prey on gamers desperate to get their hands on a console, often using false promises of stock to reel in victims.

GAME dropped a big PS5 restock earlier this week.

Commenting on the latest scam, Twitter users thanked the tracker account for bringing the potential pitfall to their attention.

“Thanks for informing us im sure u helped quite a bit!” one fan replied.

Another wrote: “Guess they are losing now and trying to find other ways ahaha.”

Sony’s PS5 console boasts an unusual white and black design

And a third said: “Evil scamming bas****s.”

Sony launched two versions of the PlayStation 5 in the US on November 12, and in the UK on November 19.

The full PS5 costs £449/$499, while a Digital Edition without a disc tray is priced at £359/$399.

They’re up against Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (£449) and Xbox Series S (£249) consoles, which hit shelves worldwide on November 10.

All four consoles have been sold out around the world, with stock seesawing in and out of availability over the past few weeks.

The PS5 launched with major exclusive games like Spider-Man Miles Morales and a revamped version of Dark Souls for players to enjoy.

Xbox gamers, on the other hand, have a new Halo title to look forward to later this year.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently offered hope to gamers who wanted a console.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Ryan admitted that stock levels would climb steadily month-on-month.

He added that from July onwards, it will be much easier to get a PS5.

“It will get better every month throughout 2021,” Ryan explained.

“The pace of the improvement in the supply chain will gather through the course of the year.

“So by the time we get to the second half of [2021], you’re going to be seeing really decent numbers indeed.”



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