GameStop is having an in-store PS5 restock TODAY – everything you need to know


THIS week has been a fruitful one when it comes to opportunities to buy the PlayStation 5.

And today, GameStop is giving gamers across America another chance to get hold of one with a bunch of in-store PS5 restocks.

GameStop PS5 in-store restocks are happening across the country today

We have you the heads up in our PS5 stock tracker earlier this week, but the big day is finally upon us.

Thanks to TechRadar’s Matt Swider we know the cities and store locations that will be selling PS5 consoles today.

There are 290 stores in total that will be opening their doors to gamers trying to get hold of a PS5,

The restocks are happening in the following cities:

  • Boston
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • San Antonio
  • Houston
  • Miami-Ft Lauderdale
  • Chicago

Swider report there weren’t any queues at midnight so hopefully you won’t be fighting off fellow shoppers to keep your place in line.

In terms of inventory, GameStop is selling PS5 bundles which can get a bit pricey.

Although the price you’re paying for the items is what it’d cost you of you bought them up separately.

According to Swider, you can pick up the PS5 standard disc edition, Ghost of Tsushima, Far Cry 6, 12-months PS Plus membership, and a a $50 GameStop gift card for $740.

And there’s a decent amount of consoles per store, coming in at around 60 units.

It’s probably best to head down to your local store at around 6am. You don’t want to be cutting it too close!

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