Genius Xbox hack gets you DOZENS of top games for cheap – how to claim them


DOZENS of new and vintage games are coming to the Xbox – find out how to access them all for cheap.

Get the best gaming experience at the best price.

The Xbox Series X was released in 2020 and has sold over 12million units

The Xbox console is the host for several subscription services.

To play online with friends and strangers, users need an Xbox Live account – or even better, Xbox Live Gold, which comes with online play and a handful of free games each month for about $5 a month.

But, there is a cheaper alternative designed for players who want access to more titles and bundled subscriptions.

Sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and get the first three months for just $1.

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Many games are made free by signing up, but Xbox says players get a “hefty” discount by purchasing games through the Game Pass catalog.

That way, the games will remain on your console even after they’ve been removed from the Game Pass platform.

After three months, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate reverts to the standard price of $14.99 a month.

Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Live Gold, PC Game Pass for players who prefer desktop gaming, EA Play for sports-based games, and more.

Microsoft continuously updates the list of titles made available with the Game Pass.

The list can be filtered and sorted based on your console and playing preferences.

There is a lower-tier option called Game Pass which does not come with Xbox Live Gold included and forces players to select if they want benefits for console or PC, but not both

Ultimate offers upside for every gaming style.

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Game Pass Ultimate can be used on multiple devices – just sign in with your username and password.

Soon, a console might not be needed as Microsoft develops the Xbox Streaming Stick and Smart TV gaming plug-in.