Genshin Impact: Genius Invokation Best TCG support cards


GENIUS Invokation is the new TCG that was introduced into Genshin Impact in the latest update.

While the character cards that you get from winning duels against playable characters are the stars, good support is necessary to win.

Paimon is powerful here too.

If you want the best decks in Genius Invokation, you will need to build it with plenty of support cards.

Here’s the support cards we recommend for Genius Invokation in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Genius Invokation: Best Support Cards

This list is not in a particular order, and the right card for your deck will depend on what other cards you are using.

However, all of these cards are useful and at least one of each should be in any well-made deck. 

You can have a maximum of four support cards on the field at once, but they have a limited duration of effect.

Here’s what we recommend.


For the cost of two elemental dice, Katheryne turns a character switch into a fast action once per turn.

Normally a switch ends a turn, but Katheryne allows you to trigger reactions more reliably.

The card remains in play until the end of the game, so it’s a fantastic investment.

Dawn Winery

This card pairs perfectly with Katheryne. It also costs two elemental dice, and remains active until the end of the game.

It reduces the cost of a single character switch by one die per turn, giving you a free switch.

Pairing the two allows you to rack up the combos.


While the real Timmie isn’t all that helpful, his card is great to have in your back pocket.

He costs nothing and disappears after three rounds, and leaves behind an omni die, which gives you an extra boost that turn.


Similar to Timmie, Liben is free to play, and lets you draw two cards and generate two omni dice when activated.

To do this Liben needs to collect three different elemental dice at the end of year turn, so you need to be tactical to achieve this.

Jade Chamber

The Jade Chamber is a permanent feature that costs one die and ensures that you will receive two elemental dice that belong to your active character.

This gives a good foundation for any attacks you may have planned, and reduces the RNG involved. 

Knights of Favonius Library

This is another way to manipulate dice, and like Jade Chamber, costs one die and remains on the field.

Playing this card allows you to re-roll your elemental dice, giving you a second chance on all your rolls.

Liyue Harbor Wharf

The Wharf costs two dice and is a permanent structure with a simple function.

At the end of each turn, it lets you draw two extra cards, giving you more options for future attacks.


Paimon is one of the more expensive cards, costing three dice, but creates two omni dice that last two turns.

This gives you a lot of flexibility and reduces your dependence on luck.

Liu Su

Liu Su costs just one die and charges your active character after a switch, if that character does not have an energy point.

This will happen two turns in a row, and is a good investment at a low cost.

Favonius Cathedral/Wangshu Inn

Both of these cards cost two dice and heal your team. Cathedral will heal your active character by two HP, and Inn will heal your most injured inactive character.

If you don’t have any healing skills or shield abilities in your deck, food and support cards are the only ways to keep your characters alive. 

Written by Marco Wutz and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.