Goat Simulator 3 advert banned for showing footage of GTA 6


A NEW advert or Goat Simulator 3 was banned after it featured stolen footage from Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA developer Rockstar Games was hit with one of the games industry’s largest-ever security breaches earlier this year.

Goat Simulator is known for its strange marketing.

The culprit managed to steal and upload almost 100 videos of the game that is currently in the early stages of development before publisher Take-Two had them removed.

Still a huge number of people were able to see the footage before it was taken down, and many even downloaded it onto their own computers.

As the footage was obtained illegally, it is illegal to distribute it in any way.

However, that didn’t stop the marketing team behind Goat Simulator 3, who previously created a viral ad campaign by parodying the trailer for Dead Island 2.

Goat Simulator 3’s newest campaign featured Shaun, one of the game’s unassuming human NPCs.

Shaun finds himself in a number of strange situations before finding himself in the setting of GTA 6, using the real footage stolen in the hack.

It wasn’t long before Take-Two sent down the ban hammer, and very few people have seen the advert online.

However, the team behind the trailer were probably hoping that people would take notice in order to encourage sales before the holidays.

The original Goat Simulator became a cult success due to its large number of funny bugs, strange quests, and weird ragdoll physics.

Goat Simulator 3 provides more of the same, but in a fresh new sandbox, with new strange secrets for you to find.

The Goat Simulator series isn’t known for having the deepest games, but they do provide some silly family-friendly fun.

While we can’t recommend using footage stolen from one of gaming’s biggest companies to promote your game, it seems to have captured fans’ attention.

Hopefully the publicity that this stunt earned will outweigh annoying Rockstar Games and major publisher Take-Two.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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