Goat Simulator 3: How to find the white rhino for Missing Rosie quest


IN the world of Goat Simulator 3, anything is possible, as the open world is full of challenging side missions.

While you might be used to ringing church bells or finding Bigfoot by now, there is one beast you still need to find.

Lick Rosie to set her free.

Rosie might be fairly easy to find, but getting her back in her cage is a different issue.

Here’s how to find and catch Rosie the white rhino in Goat Simulator 3 for the Missing Rosie side-quest.

Goat Simulator 3: How to find Rosie the Rhino

While exploring Goat Simulator 3, you will come across a zoo where one of the outer walls is broken.

The zoo’s rare albino rhino Rosie has escaped, and you need to save the day.

You can start this side quest by going into her pen through the hole in the wall.

Here you can find some zoo keepers investigating the scene, including one looking at a huge pile of rhino poo.

There will be more poo nearby, and you can use this as a trail to find Rosie.

Follow the poo to the left of the zoo entrance, through the car park and over the wall at the end.

It’ll eventually lead up into the hills, where you can find a yellow ladder to help you on your journey.

At the top of the ladder you can find Rosie in a cage to your left, alongside a villainous poacher.

You can take out the poacher if you like, but most importantly, you need to get Rosie’s cage open.

Then, just like everything else in the game, lick her to take her with you.

With Rosie in hand, return back to her cage at the zoo to complete the mission.

As a reward you will now be able to transform into an Angry Goat, otherwise known as a rhino.

Written by Dave Aubrey and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.