God of War Ragnarök: Where to find the Rond of Affliction


THERE are a number of relics and attachments hidden throughout the world of God of War Ragnarök that will give you the advantage in battle.

They all apply different buffs and abilities to your attacks, making them well worth finding and equipping.

Here’s a map of the chests.

If you’re struggling with the combat in God of War Ragnarök, it might be because you haven’t found the right loadout.

Check out our guide on how to find the Rond of Affliction and see how it ups your game.

What is the Rond of Affliction God of War Ragnarök?

The Rond of Affliction is a shield attachment that causes elemental explosions every time you perform a shield strike on a stunned enemy.

It pairs well with the Hilt of Gram, which can stun enemies leaving them open to this attack.

Shield strikes are also an important part of winning the Alva boss fight at the Temple of Light.

It also buffs your stats, giving you +11 Defence and +9 Runic, and has a nine-second cooldown.

Where to find the Rond of Affliction in God of War Ragnarök

There is a chest on the east side of the Barrens, just north of the cave’s entrance.

You will see that it is overgrown with dark elf vines making it impossible to open.

Hit all of the glowing points in quick succession, though this one is more difficult than most.

This is because you are standing at the wrong angle, and instead, you have to hit the points backwards.

Throw your axe at the last target in the row, and if the vine breaks, wait for it to come back.

When you recall it, it should break all three points, opening the chest.

This will reward you with crafting components, and the chest containing the Rond of affliction is nearby.

To the west of The Below cave, you can squeeze into the gap to find a similar chest.

This time your aim is to hit two of the points on the twilight stone, and break the final one as you recall the axe.

Stand left of the single vine, through your axe, and then recall it as soon as it hits the second point.

Open it up to obtain your prize.

Written by Kirk McKeand and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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