Hidden free upgrades for PS VR2 players – don’t miss out


SONY’S latest VR headset, the PS VR2, only released last month, but you likely already have a library of games waiting to be played.

There are a number of fantastic free VR games available for everyone to play, but there are also some hidden upgrades.

You can now be terrified in first-person.

You might already have the best games for the PS VR2 and not even know.

Here are the games you can upgrade for free to PS VR2.

PS VR2 Games with free upgrades

Gran Turismo 7

One of the best racing games of 2022 is available as a free upgrade for PS VR2 if you own the PS5 version.

Playing in VR puts you directly in the driver’s seat, giving you one of the most realistic driving experiences available to date.

Not only this, but updates are regularly released giving players even more cars and tracks to play with.

After the Fall

Those who played After the Fall on the original PS VR, can upgrade to the PS VR2 version for free.

Set in a snow-covered, post-apocalyptic version of LA, this survival game blends perfectly with VR.

You can choose to battle the harsh environment alone, or alternatively, with or against friends.

No Man’s Sky

If you already own the PS5 version of No Man’s Sky, you can upgrade for free to play on PS VR2.

Set in what feels like a limitless universe, you scour planets for resources and then fly across space to explore more.

There is no set goal. Anything you want to achieve on No Man’s Sky’s countless planets is the goal.

Job Simulator

If you own Job Simulator for PS VR, then you can upgrade for free to PS VR2.

Following on from popular simulation games, Job Simulator put a wacky twist on the genre.

Silly physics make the mundane tasks involved all the more fun.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip was originally launched for PS VR, but you can upgrade that version for free.

This is a rhythm-style action game, where trigger fingers and beats combine.

It’s easy to learn, difficult to master, and sure to get your blood pumping.

Resident Evil Village

If you own Resident Evil Village on PS5, then congratulations, you also have it for PS VR2.

Carrying on Ethan’s story from Resident Evil 7, in the sequel he’s up against fan favourite Lady Dimitrescu.

Playing this horror game in VR makes the whole experience all that more terrifying.

Synth Riders

Originally released for PS VR, you can upgrade to PS VR2 for free.

Completely remastered to perform optimally with PlayStation’s latest headset, Synth Riders offers dance-based rhythm gameplay.

With almost 60 songs to choose from, there’s bound to be something to jam out to.

Zenith: The Last City

The PS VR version of Zenith: The Last City can be upgraded for free to PS VR2.

Zenith is a VR MMO that can host up to 99 players in the same world.

Set in a futuristic fantasy world, discover your own playstyle, and create your own destiny.

PS VR2: How to upgrade your games for free

If you own the physical versions of these games, then all you have to do is pop the disc into your PS5, and you’re ready to play.

The process for digital games is a little different, though many will automatically download the free PS VR2 upgrade.

If it doesn’t let you play automatically, just follow these steps:

  •  Find the game you want on the PlayStation Store via your PS5.
  •  Select the upgrade option on the game’s page.
  •  Select Download, and you can play your game once it’s complete.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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