Hitman 3 free DLC is available now with a new location


A NEW area with previously unreleased missions is now available as free DLC for Hitman 3.

Agent 47 is back again with a number of new missions, which all take place in a brand new location, connected to previous stories.

Queen of the pirates Akka must go down.

The area is known as Ambrose Island which is entirely new for the series.

The island is supposedly located in a hidden cove in the Andaman Sea and is home to a new pirate syndicate.

In the Ambrose Island set of missions, series protagonist Agent 47 has to infiltrate the pirate camp and take down their queen named Akka, and a rogue thief called Noel Crest.

The story of the DLC precedes the story of the third game, and helps to bridge the gap and fill in some plot points from Hitman 2.

While we are not told who, it has been revealed that Ambrose Island will feature the return of a number of Hitman characters from the World of Assassination.

The storyline will also help to tie up a number of the narrative threads which were left ambiguous until now.

There are a number of added extras available as part of the new content, to go with the new location.

Aside from the new challenges, new unlockable items have been introduced.

The patch will allow support for ray-tracing across the entire game, meaning better dynamic lighting effects.

Support for VR and Contracts mode is also available for the DLC.

The best part is that the DLC is free for anyone who currently has a copy of Hitman 3 across PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch and PC.

This includes those who have downloaded it via Xbox Game Pass, though they will lose access to it if they cancel their subscription.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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