Hollywood actors unrecognizable in GTA 5 – but can you guess who they are?


GRAND Theft Auto V is the most recent installment in the GTA franchise and its cast is loaded with Hollywood’s finest.

Character actors, comedians and an adult actress made the roster for Rockstar Games’ all-time classic.

The three primary characters in GTA V

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the successful video game series ever with more than $9billion in gross revenue.

GTA V is the second most sold video game of all time with 160,000,000 copies sold.

The game, which initially came out in 2013 but has had regular updates, has outlasted the Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Xbox 360.

While fans are in waiting for the ultra-hyped GTA VI to hit the market, here’s a look at GTA V’s star-studded cast.

Shawn Fonteno as Franklin Clinton

Fonteno’s cousin Young Maylay played the lead in a past edition of GTA
Fonteno’s character Franklin is an automotive specialist

Shawn Fonteno is a long-time member of the GTA team.

He had a role in 2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – the fifth installment in the GTA franchise.

Fontero’s character Franklin is a street hustler that users can play as in story mode.

Ned Luke as Michael De Santa

Ned Luke also made contributions to the game Red Dead Redemption 2
When users play as Michael their accuracy with firearms is upped

Ned Luke’s character Michael De Santa is pulled back into the street life after years on the run – he’s one of the main playable protagonists in the game.

Luke acting credits include the rare distinction of playing three different characters on Law & Order: SVU.

His most recent role was in American Gothic.

Steven Ogg as Trevor Philips

Steven Ogg had a recurring role on Westworld
Michael is one of the more violent characters in the game

Steven Ogg’s character Trevor Philips is a fan favorite for going on aimless rampages using weapons cheat codes.

Users can enter a code to make the grizzled, balding character drunk and stumbling.

Ogg provided the motion capture as well as the voice for Trevor.

Slink Johnson and Shawn Fonteno once recreated a scene from the game together
Lamar Davis was a fan-favorite side character

Lamar Davis is a popular supporting character in GTA V.

In 2013, Slink Johnson’s portrayal of Davis earned the Best New Character award from GiantBomb.

Davis has an in-game pet Rottweiler named Chop who can be partially controlled by the player.

Chris D’Elia as Drunk Driver

D’Elia was the subject of a string of sexual misconduct accusations in 2020 and 2021

The Drunk Driver is an interactive character in the sandbox world of GTA V.

Depending on which protagonist the user is logged in as, the conversations and outcomes with Drunk Driver will change.

The character is supposedly voiced by controversial actor/comedian Chris D’Elia.

But the notoriously sarcastic D’Elia posted on Twitter that this was not him – IMDb and GTAWiki say otherwise.

Several celebrities held very minor on-screen roles or supported the GTA radio system, which clicks on when players hop in vehicles.

Lisa Ann, a former adult star turned sports podcaster, played a character named Prostitute #2 in one of the missions.

Comedians Danny McBride, JB Smoove and Hannibal Burress all made contributions to the radio programming as DJs and hosts.

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KRIS’ Bliss

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Scores of celebs have made contributions to the GTA franchise – Ray Liotta, Joe Pantoliano and even the star of the original Dune film Kyle MacLachlan have done voice work for the series.

The rumor is that Rockstar Games is tapping less widely-known talent for GTA VI, set to release between 2023 and 2025.