How to get FREE Google Stadia Pro with new YouTube deal – letting you play games without PS5 or Xbox


YOUTUBE Premium subscribers are being offered three months of Google Stadia Pro for free.

That means that people signed up to the YouTube service could easily access the titles of Google’s ever growing game streaming service.

A YouTube Premium subscription could get you Google Stadia Pro for free

The deal is avaliable in multiple countries, including the US.

Previous Stadia Pro subscribers aren’t eligible for this deal.

Even if they are new YouTube Premium subscribers.

If you are eligible for the deal then it will automatically be applied to your new Google Stadia account.

You’ll still be asked for bank details though as the Stadia Pro monthly rate will start being charged to your account once the three months are up.

Bear in mind that you can cancel at anytime and could technically avoid being charged.

A Google Stadia Pro subscription is usually £8.99 in the UK and $10 a month in the US.

Eligible users can access the deal until January 31, 2022 or until the supply runs out.

You don’t need to redeem it straight away but make sure you do by February 14, 2022.

If you’d rather just purchase individual games on Stadia then there’s no need for a subscription.

There’s currently only 28 titles in the online catalogue.

Google’s ingenious system lets you stream video games over the internet – removing the need for a physical console.

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