How to turn PS5 off – three ways to power down the console or put it in Rest Mode


GOT a new PlayStation 5 and can’t work out how to switch it off? You’re not alone.

Loads of people are searching how to turn off the PS5 – so here’s an easy guide.

The PlayStation button on your joypad can be used to turn the console off

The PS5 is in hot demand, launching in the UK yesterday, and then selling out in seconds.

If you received a console yesterday and you’re finally done playing with it, you’ll want to turn it off.

Lucky for you, there are at least three ways to turn it off.

The easiest way is to use your DualSense controller.

There’s also a power button on the console

You’ll need to press the big PlayStation button in the centre of the joypad.

Note: don’t hold it like the PS4, but simply press it once.

This brings up a quick menu – scroll all the way to the right and choose the power options.

From there you can switch off the PS5 entirely.

You can also put it into Rest Mode, which is almost like standby.

This lets you resume quickly, and will continue downloading files in the background too.

Of course, it’ll use more energy than simply switching the device off.

The second way to turn the PS5 off is to press the power button.

This will involve actually getting up and moving across your room, but it’s a sure-fire way to shut the console down.

You’ll find it on the front, towards the bottom of the PS5’s black core – if the console is vertical.

If it’s horizontal, then you’ll find power on the far left, to the left of the eject button.

The last option – only to be used if your PlayStation has gone completely rogue – is to simply unplug it.

You can yank the power cable out of the back, rendering it lifeless.

If it doesn’t switch off with no power cable plugged in, the robot takeover may have already begun…

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