How to watch Xbox Gamescom event – start time and what to expect


MICROSOFT is hosting a huge Xbox showcase tonight – and gamers will definitely want to check it out.

We’ve got all the details on the Xbox Gamescom event, including the date, start time, and what to expect.

Expect to hear more about Halo Infinite
We’ll likely get more info on Forza Horizon 5

When is the Xbox Gamescom event? Start time and date

The Xbox event is taking place on Tuesday, August 24.

In the UK, it kicks off at 6pm in the evening – just after work for many.

If you’re in NYC, you’ll want to tune in at 1pm – perfect for anyone on lunch.

And those in Los Angeles should watch from 10am.

How to watch Xbox Gamescom event

There are loads of ways to watch the Xbox event at Gamescom.

Importantly, it’s totally free to view.

You can watch it on all the official Xbox channels, including Twitch, Facebook Gaming and Twitter.

But the easiest way will probably be to tune in via YouTube.

Check it out here:

  • Xbox event at YouTube – watch here

Xbox Gamescom event – what to expect?

Gamescom is a huge gaming convention, and it usually takes place in Germany.

However, this year’s event is virtual – due to the global pandemic.

Microsoft runs its own Xbox Game Studios, so we can expect to see lots of new goodies coming out of that.

Particularly, we’ll be looking at sneak peeks of gamings launching in the last quarter of 2021.

That’s good news, as it’s the time when blockbuster titles launch in advance of Christmas.

We’d likely expect to see more info on the delayed Halo Infinite.

And we’ll probably hear about the eagerly anticipated Forza Horizon 5.

We might also catch a glimpse of some big-name third-party titles coming to Xbox.

That could be via news about the exceptionally good-value Xbox Game Pass – a subscription that gets you rolling access to over 100 games.

And we could hear about the new entries to the Battlefield and Far Cry franchises.

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