I found a HIDDEN cave in Warzone behind a waterfall – and it’s filled with loot


WARZONE has been updated to Caldera – and it turns out it has a big hidden secret.

Players are still exploring the brand new Call of Duty Warzone Pacific map, and a secret cave is one of the best spots to discover.

The cave is to the south east of Power Plant, in the south west corner of the map
You want to head to the M region to find the secret loot cave

HOAR stumbled upon the cave by complete accident, but other players have also located it.

And it’s definitely worth checking out – for multiple reasons.

For a start, it contains loot spawns so you can restock on weapons.

But it’s also totally hidden from view, so only people who know about it will find it.

That means you can quickly hide inside the cave when you need to.

Or it could serve as a stellar camping location, if that’s your thing.

The cave is tucked behind a waterfall to the southeast of Power Plant.

You’ll need to enter on the left waterfall – the right side is inaccessible.

Simply walk to it, pass through and hop up the ledge.

Sadly, it’s not completely perfect as a there appears to be only one exit to the cave.

So if someone finds out you’re in there, you may be stuck.

Enemies could easily push you with grenades, rockets and pure force.

Or simply wait for you to have to leave – and then mow you down.

But it’s a great little-known hiding spot if you have to duck for cover quickly.

Importantly, it might not always be a one-exit location.

Warzone is littered with mysterious hatches that currently appear to be un-openable.

One of these hatches is hidden inside the cave – but can’t be accessed yet.

It’s possible that in the future, you may be able to use these hatches to hop between locations across Caldera.

HOAR found the cave by pure chance after a Scavenger contract box spawned inside the cave.

But we’ve also included a clip from TikTok user @Spartan3319 that highlights the cave.

Look for the waterfall near Power Plant

The hidden cave is filled with loot – and a mysterious hatch

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