I have a RARE PS5 Slim that no one else in the world owns and it looks so much better than your original


A YOUTUBER has hand-crafted the ultimate Playstation 5 alteration, reducing the thickness of the unit by over 75%.

Matt Perks, known on YouTube as DIY Perks, modifies technology hardware into fascinating and functional new gadgets.

The console runs games with full functionality despite its reduced size
The modded PS5 Slim is encased in a copper outfit
The external power block is quite large but can be stored behind a TV stand

The PlayStation 5 was released in 2020 to sensational reviews.

The console is in such high demand that it flies off the shelf faster than Sony can restock them.

The PS5 measures over 15 inches tall, more than 10 inches deep, and four inches wide – the largest gaming console ever manufactured won’t fit on just any TV stand.

DIY Perks’ modifications drop the thickness down from four inches to less than one inch. The final product is a slim and sleek console not much larger than a standard laptop.

The modded PS5 is a dazzling feat of engineering, but its not without a trick of the eye.

DIY Perks’ PS5 Slim operates with an external power supply and cooling station that is connected to the console via wiring.

The power supply and cooling station are fixed to a larger electronic panel that can be stowed behind the TV stand for a more aesthetically pleasing look from the couch or gaming chair.

Previous consoles, including the original Playstation, used external power bricks to keep the device running.

DIY Perks used tools accessible to any robotics tinkerer but the process was no walk in the park.

During the 30-minute video, DIY Perks blew out the motherboard before engineering a more stable airflow system.

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The Playstation 5 availability has been deeply affected by supply chain issues and global stock shortages.

Acquiring a PS5 is a challenge, but DIY Perks certainly made good use of his console.

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