I made $1.4million from selling VIRTUAL items inside Roblox metaverse


THERE are countless ways to become a millionaire but Arthur Trusov has found one of the most unique: Roblox.

The savvy designer sold over $1million dollars worth of digital merchandise inside the hit metaverse video game.

Roblox was initially made for Microsoft Windows but is now available for play on consoles and in the metaverse

Hundreds of games made by professional and hobbyist programmers are available on the Roblox platform. 

Customizing the experience for each user is Roblox’s calling card–and that’s what made Trusov’s fortune.

Trusov and a team of collaborators design and sell merchandise for Roblox avatars – virtual characters controlled by players.

Trusov and his team work use programs like Adobe Photoshop and other virtual modeling tools to design outfits and accessories, and they import new merch every month.

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Trusov’s first sellable item, a bowler hat, was purchased by almost 3,000 players using Robux.

Robux is the in-game currency that can be exchanged for real dollars through the game’s Developer Exchange system.

More than half of Roblox’s 55million users are under 16, and Trusov’s pricing is extremely fair to cater to that young audience.

Most of his items are priced for less than $1.50 but his digital merchandise sells in massive quantities. 

In a profile of Trusov, Business Insider scanned his income documentation and verified that he had cleared more than $800,000 in 2020 and $1.4million in 2021.

All without selling a single physical asset.

But the Roblox universe is starting to feel more real as it integrates with the metaverse–even if there are doubters.

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Since 2016, Roblox has been available on the Oculus headset as a metaverse experience called Roblox VR.

As companies and consumers dive into non-physical assets, Roblox creators could find themselves at the forefront of digital capitalism.