I’m a Fortnite expert and here’s a genius trick to reset edits fast on a controller


FORTNITE sweats are always looking for ways to build fast and controller players are getting a helping hand from one expert player.

Over on Tik Tok, content creator jkiqr claims to have found a quick way for Fortnite console players to reset edits which will help with crossplay.

Fortnite sweats are players that use complex strategies and excessive building in most encounters

“This is what 90% of controller players are doing wrong,” reads the caption.

“Make sure you are resetting with your map not your pickaxe,” it continues.

“It way faster and make[s] you reset faster” which appears to be the case in the video.

Console players are always looking for fast ways to reset edits, what with crossplay that pits their controllers against a keyboard and mouse.

PC players tend to use the scroll wheel on their mouse, which involved remapping it from its default inventory attribution.

The same process on a controller takes up to three inputs so competing is notoriously difficult.

Fortnite sweats are players who feverishly start building as soon as they encounter other players, or employ complex strategies to take them down.

Given the building aspect of Fortnite, just having a decent aim isn’t enough to get ahead.

And things are made more complicated with console players taking on PC gamers.

There is an option to turn off Fortnite crossplay for both parties, but it’s not flawless.

Players often complain that Fortnite has forced crossplay as lobbies are empty when it’s switched off.

If you want to dive into a game and play, you ultimately have to have it turned on.

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