Inside the eerie world of metaverse HORROR as Resident Evil maker reveals ‘virtual terror’ secrets


METAVERSE users could soon find themselves wandering around creepy corridors and being chased by scary monsters with friends.

The new virtual world is the talk of the town among game developers at the moment, according to Tom Ivey who worked on the recent Resident Evil 4 VR.

Resident Evil 4 VR recently received a bunch of new features

Speaking to HOAR, the lead producer shared his thoughts on where horror could go in the metaverse.

One of the biggest challenges is that horror is usually made to use solo to increase tension and fear.

But the metaverse’s heavy focus on social will make horror more multiplayer friendly.

“VR started with lots of gotcha scare moments,” he said.

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“I think in terms of the metaverse there is a lot of different experiences in terms of applications for work and social.

“In terms of horror, I think it’s going to be more of the ease integrating social experiences in a horror, how people meet up and experience things together and one of those things if you’re making a horror game is to make a social or multiplayer game and how you get that to work well.”

The biggest issue for game developers is how horror games are made to set up expectations and lead the audience on a very specific path.

For example, you’re slowly walking through a scary, dark hallway and are unaware of a creature lurking right behind you.

“If you’re in a multiplayer environment, someone could be behind you looking at where that creature comes,” Tom explained.

“So it’s very hard to make multiplayer experiences for horror because it’s such a set-up kind of genre.

“But I think that’s one area of growth that I’d personally like to see in horror.”

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Resident Evil 4 VR recently added a bunch of brand new horrific bits, including the fan favourite Mercenaries mode.

The Meta Quest 2 game has several new options, like an online leaderboard and 20 challenges, as well as special unlockable extras.

The Mercenaries is available now on Resident Evil 4 VR

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