‘It’s been HOURS’ – Roblox players fume as mysterious outage continues


ROBLOX players are fuming that the popular game has been down for hours.

Gamers began reporting issues accessing the huge creation platform on Wednesday morning.

Roblox has almost 55million users

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Many fans have taken to mocking desperate players who can’t go a minute without the game.

“It’s been hour’s without Roblox I’m scratching my eye , and head I haven’t turned off my PC for hours…” one person said.

“Roblox r u getting hacked or something why have u been getting down lately it’s so annoying so you guys have bad service…I love Roblox I play 24/7 and I started playing on 2019,” another added.

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“Another terribly inconvenient time for roblox to be down during a sponsored event lol,” a third commented.

In a statement on the official Twitter page, Roblox admitted it was having issues.

The tweet was posted at 6.46am (BST).

“Hi everyone, we are aware that some of you are having issues accessing Roblox,” the service said.

“Our team is actively working on it. Thanks for your patience.”

But not everyone was feeling patient.

“Maybe remove the “Thanks for your patience” some of us can’t even handle it for 1 hour,” one user recommended.

“ROBLOX this is the longest Roblox has been down in 2022 don’t make it like Halloween when it was down for 3 days,” another moaned.

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Meanwhile, others have threatened to leave Roblox for Minecraft instead.

The reason for the outage is yet to be revealed.

Roblox last suffered a big outage in October 2021

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