Made in Chelsea star James Taylor blasted after boasting he ‘sold his PS5 for £1,200 profit’


A UK reality star is catching flack after boasting that they’d sold their PlayStation 5 console for a tidy profit over the weekend.

James Taylor, one of the newer recruits to Made In Chelsea, said he’d pocketed £1,200 after reselling a console that he got for free from Sony.

In posts on Instagram, Made in Chelsea star James Taylor claimed he’d sold his PS5 (right) less than 24 hours after he was gifted it by Sony (left)

Writing on his Instagram Story, James – who drives a Ferrari and claims to own a private plane – posted a picture of a PS5 on Friday alongside a caption in which he thanked PlayStation for gifting him the console.

The next day, he posted a separate update claiming he’d sold the high-powered machine already.

The PS5 went on sale in the UK last Thursday, and despite its £450/$450 price tag stocks ran dry at most major retailers within minutes.

Desperate gamers are now paying through the nose to buy units on sites like eBay, where PS5s have auctioned for up to three times the asking price.

James Taylor, 25, is one of the newest members of the Made in Chelsea cast

James, 25, told his Instagram followers that he’d sold his free console because he preferred his older PlayStation 4.

“Back to the PS4 I go,” the influencer wrote. “Didn’t like the PS5 so I sold it for a £1200 profit.”

With many consumers still struggling to get hold of a PlayStation 5 – including parents hoping to gift one to their child for Christmas – James has come under fire for sharing what critics have called posts in poor taste.

One Restera user wrote: “It seems especially in poor taste given the current climate, where PS5 stock is flying out and where the majority of consumers have not and likely will not be able to get one before Christmas.”

James drives a Ferrari and claims to own a private plane

Another user wrote: “It’s probably allowed? But it’s certainly disrespectful. I mean, sure they gave it to him as part of a marketing stunt, but he should at least learn to appreciate the privileges he has.

“Given that he’s not exactly poor, it just seems altogether childish. I’d get it if you know, you couldn’t afford rent but Sony sent you a PS5. You gotta’ do what you gotta’ do, but this isn’t that.”

Some were a little more forthright in their criticism.

“James Taylor is an absolute b**l e** for this,” one Twitter user wrote. “Words cannot express how disgusted I am. Can only hope Sony are onto him.”

Sony’s PS5 console boasts an unusual white and black design

Sony has launched two versions of the PlayStation 5. The full PS5 costs £449/$499, while a Digital Edition without a disc tray is priced at £359/$399.

Consoles at various retailers have seesawed between in and out of stock since the PS5’s US launch on November 12 and its November 19 UK release.

More units are expected to arrive in time for Black Friday this week but stock is thought to be extremely limited.

Those who have managed to get their hands on one are technically allowed to sell it on for profit, though the practice is frowned upon by retailers.

The PlayStation 5 sold out within minutes after it launched in the UK and Europe last week

According to Business Insider, one UK reseller group managed to snag nearly 3,500 PS5 consoles at launch using a network of bots.

The PS5 is up against stiff competition in the form of the Xbox Series X (£449) and Xbox Series S (£249), which launched worldwide November 10.

The Series X and the smaller, less powerful Series S also sold out around the world within minutes.

The PS5 launched with major exclusive games like Spider-Man Miles Morales and a revamped version of Dark Souls for players to enjoy, while Xbox gamers have a new Halo to look forward to early next year.

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