Marvel Snap introduces a card where you have to kill Uncle Ben


FANS of Marvel Snap, a new free-to-play fast-paced card game, have found a card that encourages you to kill Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben.

Games are played in minutes as they finish in just three turns, and both players place cards simultaneously, making it hard to see your opponent’s strategy.

The card that shocked fans.

The main goal is to have the highest-rated cards in at least two of three places on the board at the end of the final turn.

As your score on the final turn is the only one that matters, players are encouraged to swap out low-scoring cards for high-scoring ones at the last minute.

In fact, a number of the best decks for Marvel Snap are built around this mechanic.

Called destroy decks, they are based around destroying multiple weaker cards, in order to build the power of a stronger card.

However, this didn’t stop players doing a double take when they saw one of the lower-rated cards in Marvel Snap.

The Uncle Ben card is one you can play very cheaply, making him easy to get on the board.

However, it’s not a high value, so you won’t be winning any matches with him on the field.

What makes the Uncle Ben card strong, is that you can destroy it and replace it with a much higher-rated Spider-Man card.

The card reads: “When this card is destroyed, add Spider-Man to your hand.”

This surprised fans who remember Uncle Ben’s death in the Tobey Maguire Amazing Spider-Man films.

In the film, Spider-Man lets a criminal get away, only for him to then go on and murder Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben.

Peter Parker’s parents passed away and he was raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, making this scene even more touching.

The creators of Marvel Snap clearly have a sense of humour, as people expected that maybe in the card game you’d be able to save Uncle Ben, or at least use him in your team.

However, just like in the film, Uncle Ben’s strength is in his passing, paving the way for Spider-Man to take New York at his full power.

Perhaps in the next Marvel game, Uncle Ben will be able to show his true strength.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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