Multiple PS5 owners panic as console starts ‘making weird noises’ after start-up


PLAYSTATION 5 owners are reporting strange noises coming from their new consoles.

Several videos posted to Twitter appear to show odd whirring sounds, odd beeps and more.

Sony’s new PS5 is a brilliant console – but is it making weird noises?

The PS5 should be very quiet during set-up, but a number of gamers caught the curious behaviour on film.

It’s a big day for PlayStation – as the PS5 finally launched in the UK, selling out at every retailer in the country.

The issue appears to only be affected consoles with a disc tray.

“Just booting up my PS5 for the first time, pretty sure it’s not meant to make this noise,” wrote game streamer Ben Rowland, from Platinum Chasers.

“Guess I’m not streaming tonight. Any suggestions?”

A Twitter user called Luke Fletcher said: “Should a ps5 be making this noise?”

And @SKAXIYO said: “Hi I purchased a PS5 today but am having issues with the fan noise as shown in this video as soon as I turned it on.

“Please advise as it’s constant and sounds like something is loose inside!”

PlayStation’s support account on Twitter replied, apologising for the issue and offering to check in with the user.

“Sorry to hear that. We have PS5 hardware experts waiting to assist with any technical issues you may be experiencing,” they wrote.

“You can find their contact number on our support website at

“Thanks again for contacting PlayStation support!”

It’s an interesting issue, especially as the PS5’s quiet-running is one of the console’s key features.

When you’re playing games, you’ll barely hear a whisper.

Sony has changed the power delivery and cooling systems for the PS5.

This includes a custom heatsink and a liquid metal-based thermal interface material.

It means the PS5 can offer seriously impressive graphics without activating very loud fans.

The issue appears to only be affecting versions of the console with a disc tray

Some fear this could simply be an elaborate hoax.

Gamers were targeted by fake videos surrounding last week’s Xbox Series X launch.

Multiple videos were posted online showing smoke billowing out of the new consoles.

But it turned out that the clips were being faked using vape pens, pulling the vapour through the fans and out the top of the console.

It’s impossible to know whether these PS5 videos are real, or a just another console hoax.

We’ve asked PlayStation for comment and will update this story with any response.

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Is your new console making strange noises? Let us know in the comments!

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