MultiVersus fans disappointed to discover they have to win over 700 matches to earn Halloween items


MULTIVERSUS has made a controversial barrier to unlock its Halloween items which fans feel is forcing them to pay to grab all exclusives.

The game made a splash with fans, as people enjoyed the free-to-play fighter that includes characters from TV and film.

Skins allow you to change up a characters look.

However, the latest event has caused outrage with fans, as MultiVersus players will have to win almost 800 matches to earn all of the latest skins or pay up.

The MultiVersus Halloween event starts tomorrow (October 15) and will continue for one month until November 15.

During this time, players will earn Candy for playing matches that can be used to unlock four exclusive Halloween items.

The items are a Pumpkin Patch profile icon, a Jack-o-Lantern emote sticker, a Mummy Reindog epic variant, and a Calico Cake epic variant.

To unlock all the items, players need 15,650 Candy, or they can purchase them using real money.

The most expensive item, the Calico Cake epic variant, a skin for Jake from Adventure Time, costs 12,000 Candy, or around $20 (£18).

This skin alone would require players to play in 1200 matches, or win 600 matches.

With a 31-day time frame for the event, this means players would have to take part in 39 matches every day during the event in order to ensure they got this skin.

Players can purchase a premium skin — at a minimum of $5 (£4.50) — to double the amount of candy earned, but they would then still have to win 300 games or participate in 600.

As calculated by VGC, two players, both wearing premium skins, would still have to win 261 matches together to earn all of the Halloween items.

Since the announcement, fans have complained about the cost of the items and the high number of matches required to unlock them.

With such a high requirement, players feel they are forced to pay out for these premium items, which is against the free-to-play nature of the game.

However, these items are purely cosmetic and will not give you an advantage when playing MultiVersus.

This hasn’t stopped fans’ disappointment that they probably will not be able to obtain these exclusive items.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.