Need for Speed Unbound developer explains why the game was announced two month before launch


NEED for Speed Unbound surprised players when it was announced in early October, just two months before launch.

Releasing on December 2, the October announcement was the first official reveal of the game’s existence.

First look at Unbound.

While rumours had persisted that a Need for Speed game was in development, no one at the studio had confirmed that the game was being worked on.

GLHF spoke with Need for Speed Unbound’s creative director, Kieran Crimmins, on why the company waited so long to tell players that a new Need for Speed game was inbound.

Crimmins told us that it was the marketing department’s decision to not announce the game until just two months before launch.

He says: “That wasn’t my choice, because I’m not a marketer, and I don’t put together the marketing. 

“But I believe the strategy behind that is that a short marketing window allows us to deliver a really powerful and succinct message to everyone.

“So we don’t leave people hanging for ages for like, when’s the next update, what’s happening next, and, you know, leave people in the lurch.”

However, the downside to leaving an announcement until after development is essentially finished is that there will always be leaks.

The name, anime cel-shaded art style, and some screenshots were all shared on the internet before the announcement.

It’s not only Need for Speed which has been affected by the leaks.

The Last of Us Part 1 had information released, causing the team to treat players to a showcase early.

Most famously, GTA 6 was subject to a cyber attack that released almost a hundred videos of development footage.

Crimmins explained that his team was also affected by the leaks.

He said: “Yeah, that stuff can be quite painful as well, because, you know, we’re always desperate to show it off.

“But that was it. I still believe this is a very, very good marketing strategy. But yeah, I could see why it would leave people frustrated sometimes.

“So, sorry we couldn’t talk earlier. But at least everyone gets to see something every week now. 

“The news is coming thick and fast.”

Written by Paolo Sirio and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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