New Alexa app on your Xbox lets you launch games, play music and even turn the console on


AN Alexa for Xbox app is coming to the latest versions of the games consoles.

Amazon plans to launch the app for the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles.

The Microsoft website says the app is coming soon

It will give users the ability to control their consoles using Alexa voice commands.

Such commands will include turning on your Xbox, launching a game or playing a song.

You’ll also be able to bring up your Amazon shopping list or take a look at your Ring doorbell footage.

The app isn’t avaliable yet but the Microsoft website does include a section about it.

The Amazon for Xbox app will let users control their console with Alexa voice commands

Alexa for Xbox builds upon the Alexa Skill app that launched in 2018.

That app required users to say “Alexa, tell Xbox to…” and then it could make your Xbox turn on and off amongst other basic comands.

The new app won’t require require you to ask Alexa to tell your Xbox something.

You’ll just have to say “Alexa, launch…” and then add a game name.

Amazon has said the app will be avaliable in the next few days.

It will be rolling out globally.

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