New PS5 bundles spotted – and they could be available this month


FANS have spotted pre-orders in certain regions for a new bundle for the PlayStation 5.

This follows the announcement from PlayStation’s CEO Jim Ryan that stock shortages of the latest console would soon be over.

Images found of the new bundle.

Rumours of the new bundle started to circulate, and have been confirmed by pre-orders available on Australian retailers’ websites.

The main draw of the new bundle is that it will come with two DualSense controllers, compared to the standard bundle, which contains only one.

This means the set is perfect for those who usually play games with their friends and family.

The PS5 has a number of impressive co-op games to play, including It Takes Two, Overcooked, and Gran Turismo 7.

It is also a welcome addition for people who engage in long gaming sessions.

The DualSense controller has a lot of additional features compared to the Xbox or Switch controllers, such as Haptic Feedback and Adaptable Triggers.

As such the battery drains quickly, and can run out of charge within a few hours of gameplay.

With two controllers, one can always be on charge while you use the other to play wirelessly.

Otherwise, there are no extras in the bundle, such as a game or a headset.

The only pre-orders we were able to verify all contained the more expensive disc-based PS5.

This doesn’t mean that a bundle with the digital console won’t be released, but one hasn’t been seen at the time of writing.

Retailers have different release dates for the bundle, though they are all within days of each other.

The earliest release date is January 31, and the latest one is February 3.

The double DualSense bundle also offers a small saving of $10AUD over purchasing the console and additional controller separately.

According to rumours, the bundle will also be available in regions worldwide.

While the Australian bundle will save customers money, we are currently unsure if other regions will sell with a discount, or how big that discount will be.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.