New Silent Hill game is coming soon — but it’s not the one fans were hoping for


A NEW Silent Hill game has been rated in South Korea, meaning there will soon be a new entry in the series.

First submitted to the Administration Committee of Korea on August 19, a new video game in the series is coming soon.

These blurry images are believed to be of the rumoured Silent Hill 2 remake.

Called Silent Hill: The Short Message, the upcoming game is confirmed to be “Video game content” per the submission.

This is for those who are worried that it might be a movie or pachinko machine like Konami has made with the Silent Hill name in the past.

The game is confirmed for “Video game consoles, PC, arcade, or mobile” though no particular platform has been specified.

It is also rated as mature, meaning there will likely be some terrifying gameplay.

UNIANA is confirmed as the publisher for the title. The company publishes Konami’s free-to-play game eFootball in South Korea, formerly Pro Evolution Soccer.

The country is known to have strict laws on microtransactions, suing some developers heavily for their misuse.

However, despite the publisher’s connection to eFootball, it is believed that Silent Hill: The Short Message will not feature microtransactions.

Fans have speculated that this is another game that was code-named “Project Sakura” by the developer.

It is believed to be a playable teaser much like P.T. 

P.T., short for Playable Teaser, was a short free demo for the cancelled Silent Hills.

It was said that the game would be co-directed by Guillermo Del Toro and star Norman Reedus, both of whom are friends and have worked with former Konami employee, Hideo Kojima.

However, when Kojima left the company, the game was cancelled, and P.T. was removed from the PlayStation Store.

Since then, Konami has apparently been working on various other Silent Hill projects, including one rumoured to be in development by the Bloober Team.

We’re not sure if The Short Message will be a teaser for either the rumoured Silent Hill 2 Remake, the speculative new entry Silent Hill 5, or something completely different.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.