New Xbox ‘console’ coming in 2022? Fans go wild after leaker drops huge hint


RUMOURS that Xbox may be dropping a new console soon have resurfaced after a leaker dropped a major hint online.

Speaking on a podcast this week, gaming expert Nick Baker revealed that Microsoft is bringing out Xbox-branded hardware this year.

Xbox is reportedly working on some new hardware

Baker, who hosts the XboxEra podcast, said the new gear “falls into a different bucket than people are probably expecting.”

He added that he knows what the hardware is, but couldn’t say any more about it.

“All I was told that I am allowed to say is that this year…or should I say maybe sometime this year.

“There’s a lot of stuff delaying things lately, whether it’s the Ukraine situation, still COVID issues, chip shortages, [and] all that sort of stuff.

“So I’m not going to say it’s definitely happening this year, but I’ve been told it should be this year.”

He added: “Xbox currently has some hardware to show that they want to show or that they’re going to show that falls into a different bucket than people are probably expecting.”

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It’s not clear where Baker got his information from. Microsoft has not commented on the claims.

Baker’s comments sparked plenty of speculation from the Xbox community online.

Some have suggested that a new console variant may be on the way.

This would likely take the form of a slightly upgraded version of the Xbox Series S, the entry-level console released in 2020.

The next-gen machine could get a slight specs boost to take its performance closer to that of the larger and pricier Xbox Series X.

It’s also possible that the hardware could take the form of a virtual reality headset.

Rival PlayStation already makes its own VR headsets and Xbox has been rumoured to be working on a version for years.

Fans are also speculating whether Microsoft will finally release a portable Xbox console, although that seems extremely unlikely.

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