Ninja threatens Pokimane with legal action for ‘spewing lies’ after Jidion drama


THE TWITCH drama around Pokimane and Jidion has blown up into a platform-wide conflict, and now Ninja is involved.

To give you a refresher, newly verified Twitch streamer Jidion got a two-week ban for hate-raiding Pokimane last week.

Ninja’s manager and wife Jessica Blevins DMs Pokimane

He told his viewers to flock to Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys’ stream to troll her chat, but things escalated into Poki and her chat receiving toxic messages and being harassed.

Jidion’s ban has since been extended from just two weeks, to being permanently taken off the platform.

But now Ninja is involved and has come under fire for his own sexist behaviour, as well as seemingly supporting Jidion.

During one of Ninja’s streams, Jidion’s fans were apparently to the Twitch star to help out with the ban.

Ninja said he would message his Twitch account manager on Jidion’s behalf, seemingly doing do on stream.

“Alright, I sent the text,” he exclaims in a clip from the stream uploaded by Pokimane’s secondary Twitter account.

He adds that he can’t promise anything, as “what happened, happened.”

In another clip from the same stream (that Jidion is reacting to), Ninja says:

“Jidion if you’re listening, I need you to understand that you’re f**ked. I need you to set your expectations low… I’m going to do whatever I can.”

Ninja then addresses the camera to give Jidion some advice, saying that if he’s going to “raid b*tches” to stick to Twitter to avoid repercussions on Twitch.

Jidion took this as Ninja calling Pokimane a b*tch and ecstatically jumps out of his chair, screaming and laughing.

Pokimane later called Ninja out (via @JakeSucky) for helping Jidion try to evade his ban.

“I wonder if Ninja would’ve said ‘b*tches’ if it was a large male streamer that was hate-raided, but I digress.”

Ninja has since messaged Pokimane behind the scenes, and his wife and manager, Jessica Blevins also reached out insinuating they would take legal action in DMs exposed by Poki.

She tells the streamer that the pair are “considering everything defamation of character” and are getting their legal team involved.

“You are spewing lies to tens of thousands of people,” Blevins continues, before admitting that Ninja’s offer to help Jidion on stream wasn’t genuine and that he never reached out to his rep.

Pokimane has said that she has no idea if Ninja actually messaged his rep, but she’s clearly frustrated by the situation and escalating fallout.

For now, Jidion is still banned, and will likely remain that way if Ninja didn’t actually intervene, des0pite saying he would.

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