Nintendo and IGN team up for virtual reality prank on gamers


Fake Virtual Reality Headset Unveiled

Nintendo and IGN have shocked gamers with a fake virtual reality headset for the Nintendo Switch. In a playful stunt, IGN introduced the Virtual Boy Pro in a YouTube video, featuring high-resolution display and tracking capabilities.

Believable Joke with a Twist

The satirical announcement included a sleek design with head and hand tracking, a microphone, and speakers. To add to the realism, a comedic press release accompanied the video, leaving fans both amused and wishing the item was real.

Reaction on Social Media

The prank quickly spread on platforms like YouTube, Reddit, and X, amusing many users. Some expressed disappointment that the Virtual Boy Pro was not a genuine product, with one gamer commenting, "Wow I wish this was real."

Remembering the Original Virtual Boy

Reflecting on the past, the original Virtual Boy was a 32-bit console released by Nintendo in 1995, offering a unique 3D experience. Despite its innovative concept, Nintendo discontinued the system after releasing only 22 games.