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Nintendo Fans Furious as Long-Awaited Release Disappoints


Nintendo Switch Port a Serious Downgrade

Nintendo has just received one of the biggest releases of the year, but fans are furious about the game's quality. While Switch users are used to a downgrade from PS5 and Xbox, many are calling this unacceptable.

Hogwarts Legacy Finally Hits Nintendo eShop

Hogwarts Legacy has just hit the Nintendo eShop following around six months of delays. We knew that Hogwarts Legacy would release later on the Switch, but now it has launched, we can see why it took so long.

Major Change Compromises Game Quality

Some things were expected, with the lower resolution we knew that the visuals would receive a downgrade. However, there is one major change that fans think compromises too much on the game's quality.

Long Loading Screens Ruin Gameplay Experience

Hogwarts Legacy is best known for its expansive open world, and even better, the whole world is seamless. However, the Nintendo Switch has not only added loading screens between areas, but they are almost unbearably long. Each loading screen can be up to a minute long, and this issue compounds in areas with lots of areas.

Flow of the Game Severely Disrupted

It is most obvious in the town of Hogsmeade, which has a number of different shops you can visit. There is a loading screen as you enter the town and then more screens as you leave and enter each shop. This really breaks up the flow of the game, and makes the experience of playing far less enjoyable.

Last-Generation Consoles Maintain Seamless Open World

Hogwarts Legacy was also released on last-generation consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One. However, these ports managed to maintain the seamless open world without notable loading times.

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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.