Nintendo Switch mysterious new controller set to be unveiled this week


NINTENDO could be about to debut a brand new controller for the Switch this week.

This is according to an FCC listing which initially surfaced earlier this month.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

The submission was accompanied by a confidentiality request which means that everything relating to it will be kept under wraps for up to six months.

Of course that means that we don’t have any idea what it might look like or the specifics of its functionality.

As VGC reports, the model name of the controller is HAC-043, which denotes that it’s for the Nintendo Switch.

The console and its peripherals all have model names starting with HAC, so it’s pretty much a given.

However there’s been a new development with additional filings popping up on the FCC website (via VGC).

These say that the previously confidential details will be available from Friday, September 24.

Paired with the rumours of a September Nintendo Direct, we may see the peripheral unveiled during an official event.

We already have a wireless SNES controller available for the Nintendo Switch, and the certification process followed a similar pattern.

In that instance, the jig was up thanks to a diagram in the documentation that relayed the shape of the controller in relation to the placement of the FCC labels.

A similar diagram has been submitted this time around, but Nintendo has been a bit more careful.

The diagram is simply two rectangles, but the dimensions hint at a possible N64 design.

Of course, this is all speculative at the moment. A couple of rectangles could mean anything.

But it does look like Nintendo could be about to make an official announcement, whether during a Direct or otherwise.

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