Nintendo Switch OLED sold out at Amazon but new stock promised soon


NINTENDO dropped its new console today, and it’s selling out fast.

So much so, that some retailers are already out of stock – including Amazon.

Nintendo Switch upgraded dock with wired LAN support
Nintendo Switch white Joy-Cons

But you don’t have to resort to buying from scalpers on eBay, who are already selling the Nintendo Switch OLED for double the retail price.

Amazon already has a restock lined up for next week, so save yourself from getting scammed and swing by the website in a few days,

The restock dates for the Neon Red/ Neon Blue and the new white colourway are slightly different.

So be sure you visit the site on the day the colour you want drops.

  • Neon Red/ Neon Blue Nintendo Switch OLED – October 12
  • White intendo Switch OLED – October 13

Both variants cost exactly the same, and you can buy the white charging dock and Joy-Cons as separate accessories.

So you can always buy th4e Neon Red/ Neon Blue version now and replace the dock and Joy-Cons later on.

Don’t let your colour preference stand in the way of you getting your hands on it.

We recommend waiting on Nintendo Switch OLED restocks over the coming weeks.

Scalpers are snapping them up and reselling for an insane amount of money, so don’t feed into it.

Nintendo hasn’t warned of any supply issues, so as long as stock is replenished, the scalpers are going to have to resell for the RRP to get their money back.

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