Nintendo Switch Online players receive another free game – and it’s from a fan favourite series


A NEW game is coming to Nintendo Switch Online next week, from one of Nintendo’s fan-favourite series.

It’s part of the Nintendo 64 library, so people will need the Expansion Pack in order to play it.

This was the first time fans saw Pikachu really use his attacks.

Pokémon Stadium will be joining Nintendo Switch Online on Wednesday, April 12, 2023.

It will come at no extra cost if you already subscribe to the Switch Online + Expansion Pack tier.

Pokémon Stadium was the first 3D Pokémon game where you could battle against your friends using your favourite ‘mons.

There is also a single-player mode where you can take on the Kanto gym leaders, Elite 4, and even take down Mewtwo.

As it is part of the Switch Online package, you will be able to play against players online in one-on-one battles.

However, it seems that players won’t be able to transfer their trained Pokémon over from games like Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow.

Instead, they will have to use the rental Pokémon that are on offer, which often come with disappointing movesets.

Battles aside, Pokémon Stadium is also well known for its minigames.

You can charge up batteries with Pikachu, eat sushi with Lickitung, and jump high with Magikarp alongside nine other minigames.

These will also be available to play with your friends online, or locally in your living room.

Nintendo has also promised that the updated version, Pokémon Stadium 2, will be available on the platform at a later date.

This has updates to the Pokémon and move sets, and a new set of minigames to play.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.