Pokemon GO: How to beat Giovanni


GIOVANNI and Lugia are back on Pokemon Go for a limited time.

Users are keen to learn how to beat the character and get Shadow Lugia fast.

Giovanni is back for a short while on Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO: How to beat Giovanni

Giovanni, the Team Rocket Go leader, is back in the game to ruin the current Festival of Lights event.

His appearance is a part of the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research task that has been going on since September 2021.

According to Go Sunoob, Giovanni will always start the battle with Persian, who will always attack with dark and normal-type moves.

To fight back, you will need to equip yourself with a solid fighting Pokemon like Machamp and Lucario.

Pokemon Go can be played on several devices

The second Pokemon could be either Kingler, Rhyperior, or Nidoking.

Kingler can be defeated with grass or electric attacks. Go Sunoob suggests Magnezone, Vileplume, Torterra, and Zapdos to take on Kingler.

Rhyperior is reportedly the easiest to defeat and has several weak points. “You need to get in quick with high damage attacks and finish it off before it can cause damage. Torterra, Cobalion, and Excadrill are all possible choices,” the outlet reports.

Nidoking can be defeated with ground, water, ice, and psychic attacks. Aloha Sandslash, Empoleon, Stunfisk, and Excadrill are good choices to go up against this Pokemon.

Go Sunoob warns of Nidoking’s iron tail move.

For the final battle, you will go up against Shadow Lugia, which is weak to a variety of different attacks. Ghost, dark, ice, rock, and electric can all destroy Shadow Lugia.

Raikou and Terrakion are two perfect choices to battle the final boss.

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