Pokémon Go players express frustration over new update


Players demand refunds after character customisation update

Pokémon Go recently announced a major update that would alter the appearance of in-game characters, sparking excitement among players. However, the update has led to a backlash from players who are now demanding refunds for their purchases.

Character customisation and in-game purchases

Character customisation is a popular feature in Pokémon Go, allowing players to spend real money on items of clothing for their characters, from hats to shoes. Players have invested significant amounts of money over the years to ensure their characters look stylish and unique.

Issues with the update

The new update introduced different body types for characters, but this has created problems with existing clothing items. Many outfits no longer fit all body types, resulting in avatars appearing nude or with clothes clipping through them. Additionally, players have reported missing items and difficulties in finding outfits with the new system.

Player reactions and concerns

Players have taken to platforms like Reddit to express their frustration, with one post titled "Niantic owes us coins" garnering nearly 1,000 upvotes. Complaints also include unnatural skin colors and a lack of smooth implementation of new functions by Niantic in Pokémon Go.

Potential for improvement

Despite the current issues, fans are hopeful that the update will be refined in the future. The update offers more body types and genderless clothing options, promising a wider range of outfits for players to choose from.

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