Popular 2022 free game is going offline – find out if you’re affected


One of the most popular free-to-play games released in 2022 is going offline soon.

Available on PC, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles, every version will become unavailable in just a few months.

Purchased costumes and characters will not be refunded.

Starting from June 25, 2023, MultiVersus will have the online functions removed, and will no longer be available to download.

Plans to start delisting the game will start as soon as April 4, but if you have already downloaded it, you can continue to play until June.

After the June deadline, you will only be able to play the single-player, and couch co-op modes.

While MultiVersus is free to download and start playing, there is an online store where you can purchase Season Passes and accessories.

Accounts will be able to keep their purchased items, and use them again once it returns online.

The developers have not given a timeline for MultiVersus’ return, beyond that it will come back in ‘early’ 2024.

In a statement given to players, a lot of promises have been given for improvements to be added during the game’s hiatus.

This includes “the content cadence of new characters, maps and modes to give you more ways to enjoy the game, along with updated netcode and more matchmaking improvements. 

“We’ll also be reworking the progression system based on your feedback and looking at new ways for you to connect with your friends in the game.”

The team also outlined the limited modes that will be available during the downtime, and promised an improved game on its return.

The statement reads: “We do know that this news might be disappointing, but rest assured, MultiVersus will be back. 

“We’ll also ensure that all of your progress and content will carry over when MultiVersus returns next year, with a variety of new content, features and modes.”

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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