Popular free-to-play game gets ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ reviews on Steam – latest update has players furious


ONE of the most popular free-to-play games has been review bombed on Steam.

A new update to the game had players furious with many saying they will no longer play.

War Thunder has some of the most realistic vehicles in gaming.

War Thunder is a military MMO with the most realistic weaponised vehicles on Steam.

Originally released in 2013, players still enjoy getting stuck into the action, with consistent updates bringing new vehicles and maps.

It has around 70k concurrent players at any time, and is incredibly popular within its community.

Players have now vented their frustrations claiming the game gets “progressively worse” with every update.

Fans claim the updates cripple players’ progress, consistently moving them towards purchasing in-game items with real money.

However, the latest update from developer Gaijin Entertainment has players more disappointed than ever before. 

The company admitted that it changes the repair costs of free vehicles to insure that players lose in-game currency if they use them.

This means that players will have to eventually switch to purchasing premium vehicles with real money if they want to progress.

Previously, a premium subscription would see you make consistent progress, while the free-to-play players could still make slow progress.

Since the update, players with thousands of hours in the game have gone to War Thunder’s Steam page to express their frustrations. 

One player with over 2k hours in the game wrote: “This isn’t just greedy, it also destroys the matchmaker and the balance of the game. 

“Since you only profit using premium vehicles they often end up being spammed.”

Another player with a similar playtime wrote: “The game’s economy has been absolutely trashed by Gaijin to almost force players to buy premium time, and premium vehicles, just to make profit to save up for higher tier vehicles.

“So at 2.2k hours, I realised I hate this stupid game.”

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.