PS5 has same ‘battery failure’ issue as PS4 that could lock you out of playing games


PLAYSTATION 5 owners are in for some bad news as experts say the console has the same battery failure issue as the PS4.

The CMOS battery issue can stop players accessing digital games if your console is affected.

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The battery issue was first spotted in the PS4

Hardware and games tester Does It Play? tweeted about the issue.

It referred to the issue as a “cbomb”.

It tweeted: “A kind volunteer has dismantled their PS5 to test #cbomb for us and the initial results confirm that PS5 is also affected. Initial results indicate that all digital games will cease to work in a #cbomb scenario.”

The issue could kill your PS5 CMOS battery and result in you needing to access the internet to play games.

It could also stop you playing digital games completely.

Sony hasn’t yet commented on the news.

We’ve reached out to them for comment.

PS5 owners don’t necessarily need to panic just yet as the battery failure issue might not even affect your console.

If it does, Does it Play? says the only way to fix the CMOS is by connecting to the PlayStation Network or by hacking the system.

The discovery of the issue has raised concerns about the longevity of newer consoles when compared to the likes of retro consoles that don’t need an online connection.

In other news, Sony has released a major software update for the PlayStation 5 that lets gamers on its previous console join the next-gen party.

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And, Dell’s Alienware R10 Ryzen Edition is a gaming PC powerhouse that crushes both the new consoles.

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