PS5 Owners Rejoice: Easy Trick Silences Noisy Console Instantly


Quiet Nights for Gamers

PlayStation fans are thrilled to discover a simple trick that can instantly silence the noisy console feature.

Peaceful Gaming

Sony has recently enabled gamers to set the PS5 start-up beep sound to silent, allowing for quiet gaming sessions without disturbing the whole house.

Reddit Revelation

This feature, added in late 2023, remains unknown to many gamers. The trick was shared on Reddit, garnering over 1,000 upvotes.

How to Silence the Beep

To turn off the PS5 beep, ensure your console has the latest software update. Navigate to Settings > System > Beep Sound. You can adjust the volume or mute the sound altogether for undisturbed gaming.

Other PS5 Tips

Utilize the PS5 wishlist feature to save money. Add games to your wishlist using the heart icon and receive notifications when they go on sale. Stay updated and snag great deals without paying full price.

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