PS5 Price Drop: Get the Best Deal Yet!


PlayStation 5 Price Drop

After a rocky start, the PS5 saw massive price hikes from scalpers. Now, with prices dropping, it's the perfect time to buy.

Best Deal Yet

Rumors of a PS5 Pro have led to current PS5 prices dropping. We've scoured the web to find the lowest price to date.

Unbeatable Offer

Music Magpie is offering a deal on PS5 consoles through their eBay store. Use code RENEW25 at checkout for a huge discount.

Refurbished Consoles

These consoles are refurbished, meaning they were returned due to a fault but have been fixed. They come with a warranty for peace of mind.

Act Fast

Don't miss out on this amazing deal to get a PS5 at an unbeatable price. Get yours now before it's too late!