PS5 restocks coming to these UK retailers ahead of Black Friday


RETAILERS are gearing up for Black Friday but PS5 restocks are incoming before the big day.

We’ve had a string of PS5 console drops over the past few weeks, and they’re still going strong.

A number of UK retailers are rolling out more next-gen restocks and John Lewis is up next.

According to PS5StockAlertUK the John Lewis PS5 restock is set for Friday, October 15.

At the moment, it looks like an online restock offering both disc and PS5 Digital Editions.

There’ll be more of the disc models, so bear that in mind when next week rolls around.

A number of other UK retailers have been tipped for possible PS5 restocks over the next week or so.

“We may see a possible drop by Very, Smyths Toys, and ShopTo within the coming days,” the account tweeted last week.

It states that this is based on “speculation when looking back at restock patterns.”

It pegged BT as another company that could see a PS5 restock today or tomorrow, and it was on the nose.

BT sent out codes to existing customers which lets them buy a PS5 on the website earlier today.

BT customers just need to log into their account and navigate to the My Offers section.

The code is automatically assigned so if you’re ready to buy, you’ll have the chance.

Some customers are sharing their codes on social media so you may be in luck even if you’re not a BT customer.

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