PS5 stock to drop at UK retailer Gamebyte next week – how to sign up for a chance to buy one


A UK retailer has announced that it will drop a batch of PlayStation 5 stock next week.

Gamebyte, an online store based in Manchester, says it’s selling the consoles using a lottery system “in a bid to protect genuine gamers”.

UK retailer Gamebyte has announced that it will drop a small batch of PS5s next week

It’s designed to block the activity of so-called “scalpers” – seedy groups who use automated bots to buy up PS5s in bulk and sell them on for profit.

The £449 PS5 is currently sold out at almost every retailer worldwide – and there’s no word on when restocks will drop.

“We will have a limited stock of PS5s launching next week on site,” Gamebyte said in a statement.

“In a bid to protect genuine gamers and combat scalpers, we will be sending out the link to purchase to those registered on the Gamebyte store site via email.”

Sony’s PS5 console boasts an unusual white and black design

To register your interest, head to this link and plug in your contact details.

A handful of lucky customers who enter will then be selected at random to receive an invitation to purchase a PlayStation 5.

If payment is not received, that entrant will lose their allocation and the console will be offered to the next random participant.

The winners will be drawn on an unspecified date next week.

It’s important to note that entering your email doesn’t guarantee you an opportunity to buy a PS5 – you’ll need a stroke of luck, too.

Gamebyte warned that stock is limited, and that purchases will be restricted to one console per customer.

The system promises to give regular consumers a chance over rampant scalpers who use bots to bag themselves hundreds of consoles at a time.

Sony launched two versions of the PlayStation 5 in the US on November 12, and in the UK on November 19

It will also mean the website is less likely to crash when stock becomes available, an issue suffered by several major retailers in recent weeks.

A similar system was launched last year by UK retailer Box for sales of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console.

Sony launched two versions of the PlayStation 5 in the US on November 12, and in the UK on November 19.

The full PS5 costs £449/$499, while a Digital Edition without a disc tray is priced at £359/$399.

They’re up against Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (£449) and Xbox Series S (£249), which hit shelves worldwide on November 10.

The PS5 launched with major exclusive games like Spider-Man Miles Morales and a revamped version of Dark Souls for players to enjoy.

Xbox gamers, on the other hand, have a new Halo title to look forward to later this year.

The full PS5 costs £449/$499, while a Digital Edition without a disc tray is priced at £359/$399

All four consoles have been sold out around the world, with stock seesawing in and out of availability over the past few weeks.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan recently offered hope to gamers who wanted a console.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Ryan admitted that stock levels would climb steadily month-on-month.

He added that from July onwards, it will be much easier to get a PS5.

“It will get better every month throughout 2021,” Ryan explained.

“The pace of the improvement in the supply chain will gather through the course of the year.

“So by the time we get to the second half of [2021], you’re going to be seeing really decent numbers indeed.”

In other news, HOAR’s favourite alternative to a games console is the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.

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And Dell’s Alienware R10 Ryzen Edition is a gaming PC powerhouse that crushes both the new consoles.

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