PS5 stock updates: Where to buy PlayStation 5 in UK and US including GAME, Best Buy, Argos and Walmart


UK GAMERS are abuzz with anticipation as retailers prepare to restock the PlayStation 5 in the coming weeks.

GAME, Best Buy, Argos and Walmart are rumoured to be dropping fresh batches of Sony’s console in future – here’s where to get hold of one.

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The PlayStation 5 is the latest and greatest console from Japanese tech titan Sony

1) Where to buy PS5 in the UK

A number of major UK retailers are expected to drop huge PlayStation 5 restocks in the coming weeks.

Stock tracker PS5 Stock UK is predicting new waves of console availability.

GAME will allegedly open up orders of the PS5 on Monday or Tuesday morning this week.

The retailer is rumoured to have thousands of units available, which would make it one of the biggest PS5 restocks to date.

Meanwhile, Amazon, AO, Asda, John Lewis and Scan and are thought to be dropping fresh stock throughout October.

As always, restock predictions are based on estimates, as retailers rarely if ever give away when they’re planning to restock Sony’s next-gen machine.

  • Amazon – out of stock
  • Very – out of stock
  • Studio – out of stock
  • Argos – out of stock
  • eBuyer – out of stock
  • GAME – out of stock
  • Currys – out of stock
  • Smyths Toys – out of stock
  • John Lewis – out of stock

2) Where to buy PS5 in the US

US gamers are experiencing the same issues as their UK counterparts when it comes to getting hold of Sony’s new consoles.

The PlayStation 5 is sold out almost everywhere with restocks typically being snapped up within minutes.

Below are links to retailers that periodically restock the console in the US.

As with UK stores, the best way to find out when stock has dropped is to sign up to the email notification system on each retailer’s website.

  • Amazon – out of stock
  • Best Buy – out of stock
  • B&H – out of stock
  • GameStop – out of stock
  • Walmart – out of stock
  • Target – out of stock

Last stock check: October 11, 2021.

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