PS5 UK stock LIVE – Argos has consoles in stock NOW – plus latest Playstation news at Currys, Very, Smyths, GAME, Amazon


ARGOS has had a PS5 restock this morning with customers sharing a nifty trick to help them bag a console.

One tracker wrote: “Argos still dropping, if you can’t see it yet keep trying. Add to wishlist from the app, move to trolley. Open in web browser and check your trolley, then select options!”

“Argos is LIVE! They will be doing regional, localised drops! If it’s showing as unavailable for you, keep checking back frequently!”, they added.

One shopper wrote “I went into the Argos app, signed out, made a new account and THEN it showed it being available and allowed me to checkout for the PS5! Previously in my wish list, it just said ‘unavailable’.”

The advice saw several people thank the shopper and say they’d managed to bag a console it previously showed as unavailable in their old account.

The restock comes comes as Curry’s made a dramatic change to way customers can buy PS5s, introducing a new “raffle” system.

The tech retailer is planning to scrap the queue system it and many other websites have previously used as it “unfairly” rewards those with stronger interview connections and with time to sit online.

Now Curry’s is allowing customers to register for a “priority pass” which enters them into a raffle which in turn gives them a special code that’s valid for 72 hours and allows them to make a PS5 purchase.

The introduction of the scheme comes amid huge rumours Curry’s will be dropping more stock this week.

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