PS5 UK stock updates – No restocks until MAY but DOUBLE shipments on way plus latest at Smyths, Game, Argos and Amazon


THERE is unlikely to be any PS5 consoles in sale until the end of April after the impact of the Suez Canal crisis impacted the supply chain.

Last month the Ever Given cargo ship became stuck in the vital supply route, blocking hundreds of vessels – including, it appears, many that were carrying Playstation 5 consoles.

Although there have been sporadic resupplies since then, it was largely of consoles that were already in the country – and now all major UK retailers are now expected to experience a two week delay before getting new stock.

It comes as GAME reportedly changed its PS5 restock release date to May 27, according to stock watchers.

A Twitter account that watches updates, @PS5StockAlertUK, said the likely restock is “officialising what we stated beforehand that the April restock dates were placeholders.

“This alone shows that we may not see any PS5s from any retailers during April at all.”

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