Roblox DENIES claims Chipotle partnership brought down game after fans accuse burrito chain of causing outage


ROBLOX has rubbished claims the Chipotle partnership brought the game down after fans accused the burrito chain of causing the global server outage.

More than three million users were disconnected from the game on Thursday, with platform bosses still working to resolve the issue.

Many Roblox gamers blamed Chipotle’s virtual Halloween-themed burrito promotion as the root cause of a global outage
Millions of gamers and creators on Roblox have been knocked off the platform

Many fans have been quick to blame Chipotle’s virtual Halloween-themed burrito promotion for the outage.

But Roblox has denied such claims as they insisted they are making “progress”.

Roblox’s latest tweet reads: “Still making progress on today’s outage. We’ll continue to keep you updated.

“Once again, we apologize for the delay. We know that this outage was not related to any specific experiences or partnerships on the platform.”

Chipotle’s Halloween promotion – Boorito Maze – was originally supposed to run through November 14.

It inspires Roblox players to turn out at a restaurant dressed up as a Chipotle-themed costume to receive a free burrito. 

But days before the event, the chain restaurant nixed in-person costumes in favor of virtual ones.

Users could still win a free burrito by sharing their outfit or sate themselves with $5 Halloween meals between October 28 and 31, Halloween Day, according to USA Today.

This year marked Chipotle’s 21st year of the “Boorito” promotion.

After announcing it was going to be virtual this year, it was hoping it would become “the first restaurant brand to open a virtual location on Roblox, a global platform bringing millions of people together through shared experiences.”

But the promotion’s launch at 3:30pm on Thursday occurred around the same time that a widespread outage left millions of Roblox creators and players in the dark. 

Some are convinced the Roblox malfunction is Chipotle’s fault and they aren’t hiding their discontent. 

“The power of Chipotle Burritos was too strong,” @KreekCraft. “It crashed Roblox.”


One Roblox user with the handle @ArtificialRBLX boasted a free burrito despite the cancellation. 

“snagged one from rtc lol,” the tweet reads. 

Others were convinced the burrito event was to blame. 

“… due to the Burrito event. . .”Ya se nos cayó el chauistle!” (Messed up)”, wrote @linthedemoncat.

Another added: “Our enemy is Chipotle get him!!!!”

Roblox is still in a state of online paralysis.

On Roblox’s website only a placeholder can be seen that reads: “We’re making things more awesome. Be back soon.”

Roblox unintentionally kicked out more than three million users on Thursday