Rocket League codes for August 2022: How to get free cosmetics and items


GET free cosmetic items in Rocket League with these codes.

If you’ve never heard of Rocket League before, just imagine that episode of Top Gear where they played football with cars.

These codes will fill your Rocket League inventory.

Just replace the Toyotas and Volkswagens with supercars that have rockets strapped to the back, and you’ve got Rocket League.

This free-to-play game gives you loads of different ways to customize your car.

You can wear lots of different hats, attach a bunch of different flags, and even change your rocket boost effects to be anything from money to rainbows.

You can earn quite a lot of these in-game, but many will require paying for the seasonal Rocket Passes.

If you want some free stuff for your troubles then never fear, as there are promo codes released occasionally that give you free items.

We’ll give you every code currently available and tell you how to claim them in-game.

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Rocket League codes – August 2022

Here are the codes available right now, and what they’ll get you:

  • popcorn – Limited edition popcorn rocket boost.

How to redeem Rocket League codes

To redeem these codes you’ll need to head to the “Extras” part of the main menu.

Then select “Redeem Codes” and enter your code. If you do it correctly the item should appear in your inventory immediately.

If you have multiple codes to redeem, you can go in and redeem another code immediately, with no daily limit.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.


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