Saints Row – How to become a MILLIONAIRE with these tips


SAINTS Row lets you mastermind your own criminal empire, but like every good cabal you’ll need some money to get things going.

Don’t worry if you are struggling to finance your criminal endeavors, there are several easy ways to turn that cash flow around.

Completing side quests is the road to financial success.

And you’re going to need it, everything costs money in the underworld; from buying cars to upgrading weapons, everything comes at a price.

Whatever your Saints Row playstyle, whether you prefer fast travel or the wingsuit, we have the options for you to make money fast.

Complete your side hustles

The main story missions will bring you plenty of income but the smaller amounts from the side quests add up more quickly.

These are really quick and dirty missions, from things like leaving bad reviews, to taking people out as a revenge plot.

Crime pays in Saints Row, and the smaller crimes will see your bank account grow fast.

Hunt for drug pallets

There are 125 pallets loaded with drugs hidden all over Saints Row. 

Thankfully, the pallets are marked on the map so they are even easier to hunt down.

However, you will have to complete some of the tasks in each area for those big drug drops to appear.

You only make a little money for each one, but with so many around they work well as an accompaniment to completing side missions.

Take down Wanted targets

Wanted targets are another kind of side mission which can help you quickly make a lot of money.

You can find these targets via the Wanted app, which is one of the first apps you get in the game. 

These are a bit harder to complete as your targets will run if they spot you, but you will be well compensated for your time.

Progress your ventures

When you get access to the Criminal Empire map, you will see a whole new set of side missions which will increase the amount your criminal ventures earn.

These are definitely some of the harder side missions to get done, but once you complete them all it will see the most gains.

Powering up your ventures is by far the biggest money earner in Saints Row.

After completion, your income will increase passively alongside the big lump sum you get when you complete each goal.

Leave the game running

One of the cheekier tips for earning money in Saints Row is to simply leave your game on when you’re not playing.

As your ventures earn you passive income any time the game is on and time is advancing, your income will increase.

If you are running a quick errand in between Saints Row sessions, this is the perfect opportunity to leave you game on and earn some case.

There is a cap to how much you gain this way, but coming back every few hours to collect your money from the bank will let you earn again.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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